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  22.02.2011 - Comb artifact bonus and Tunnelflussscanner
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So, I got new questions from my "executioner" and I'm answering it so that everyone knew.

1. I heard that you want the old system of artifacts' influences: comb artifacts influence on all the production including local arifacts.
I will explain it in example:
Some building products 10 of Ressource per hour.
Local arifact which the Player had put there gives bonus +5, so that in common that building products 15 per hour.
Com artifacts give bonus +50%.
How it was:
Production in total = (10 + 5) * (1 + 0,5) = 22,5;
How it is now:
Production in total = 10 * (1 + 0,5) + 5 = 20.
Of cource as you can see current situation is worse than in "good old times", but we've made it with purpose! And we can see using expirience of our russian version that world where it's calculated the same way is more "alive" than the others.
You haven't developed all your combs for now and also you haven't tested captured colonies yet. So for now it will stay as it is, later, in 2-3 month we can return to this discussion.

2. Yes, Tunnelflussscanner does nothign at all, useless building. And what we are going to make with that: we'll prohibit it's construction technically and we'll remove all the Tunnelflussscanners already built from all the combs. So, be ready to that! Or course I will send ingame messages about it in german so everybody knew.

3. And I've finally added our Hüter to our Team-page so everyone could see them:
in Wiki
on our website

And! Don't forget that we have AlliancePage and all the alliances can be added there and also have their own page in wiki. I can help with wiki-formatting but everything you want will be put there.

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A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance. (c) Stanislaw Lem

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