16.02.2011 -- Ranking's bugs and recalculations

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16.02.2011 -- Ranking's bugs and recalculations

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Last time I wrote that I will make a special page about us - the DS Team, and I've made it and Soltar (thank you!) helped me with translation. Now you can find short information about us here: http://www.destinysphere.de/qqpost.php?id=78

It's only the "office" part of the team, I hope to get information from Huters to add it there.

Now new stuff. I guess a lot of playes got a very strange bug with science ranking, when some sciences were not counted for them. Thanks to Istari who eat my brains every day about it, and Egoman who was out victim (we were catching bug on him though he hadn't noticed it =) ), finally we found what was happening and fixed it. No, as we hope, sciences are calculated in a correct way.

Also we've decided to change points for different thing in ranking a little bit. So we've made new conting tables for sciences, added a little more to artifects (only to new found, not to old ones you've found before) and changes houses points. We've already recalculated ranking so you can see if your points were changed.

And yes, I know that you would like to have these tables - you will get it. I hope to find time to add these tables to Wiki and as soon as I do it - I will surely give a straight link.

UPD: http://wiki.destinysphere.de/index.php/Forschungspunkte
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