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  14.02.2011, St. Valentines, plans
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One of the players advised me to make a kind of developer's blog to inform german players about some inner stuff, for example tell everyone what we are working on. I agree, I think it's important that everyone could see that the project is alive and that there are more than me working on it.

So, first of all I am terribly sorry that I'm writing in english (again and again). I'm trying hardly to improve my german, I even have books in german to practice and try ro watch movies but I don't have enough time to talk or to visit some language lessons, cause every minute I have - I spend on DS =) So, I will write in english for now and I hope google.translate will help evetyone to understand me. Anyway it's not completely official information, everything when needed can be read in the news in german.

It may seem that there's noone behind me and dada, cause it's only us you see and only us you speak to, but that's not true. To proove that I've made a page about all aother members of the team who (more or less) are connected to DS DE (there are people who are not pf course). For now it's a list of the official members of the team, who work in the office here, in St. Petersburg, or in Germany. But if huters give me descriptions they want to see about them I will add them there and I really want to make it! Guys, you are now a part of our team as well! So, after this page will be translated to German I will put it on our portal and give a link.

So, what we are working on at the moment - that is the question. Maybe you've noticed that we made an Update not so long ago and included League there. So, the point is that we think, it's very important that new people, new players felt comfortable when they start playing. The don't have friends and alliance, they can be attacked every minute after they opened the gates. I remember when I decided to play in a just opened world in DS RU without any admin possibilities... Haha! Exactly at the time when my newbie protection felt down my chief came from Germany and I just had no time to check my comb! So, just 1 day and there was NOTHING! Everything was taken off! Not a single point of kaderium! Oh, that's when I stopped playing DS.
So, we don't want it to happen to our dearest newbies, we want them to have enough time to grow their forces, to try themselves in attacking some "bot" combs so they could be ready to Real Life. That is why we made Leagues. All the players will be divided to several parts (2 or 3) depending on different factors. First one os for newbies who just opened the gates. Last one is for biggest part - our gurus. Players from higher leagues won't be able to attack newbies - that is the main point. Newbie will play with other newbies and bots to train and after they're ready they will be moved to adult world. You can find more details here (in German!):
But we can't turn this feature on while we don't have special bot-combs. Combs for newbies which can be attacked and which produce armies and resources authomatically and also which belong to the 1st league. We've already finished all the preparations and are almost ready, the next thing we need to do is make patterns and settings to turn these features on.

And, yes, I know that all of your are expecting 2nd colony to be enabled - soon, very soon it will. Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will make news with concrete date (we've decided that it's needed to be done now, but it's important day and half of the office has flu... I don't want to make it without being sure that we have support team ready for the hard times =) ).

The last thing: Happy St. Valentines Day! We love you all and gave you small presents for this day in a random way. You can trade it and, if you want, you can buy it in our shop. Their quality is somewhere between greatest spheres and the big ones.

That's all for now, thanks for your attention!

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A dream will always triumph over reality, once it is given the chance. (c) Stanislaw Lem

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  Re: 14.02.2011, St. Valentines, plans
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Hi danet,

thank you for your declarations. I totally agree with your opinion that the developer should inform the community about there plans and there timeline to bring these plans and new features in game. Therefore i'm looking forward to hear more of you and the DS team.

Greetings SkRules

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